It’s A Beautiful Wreck Take 2

I hope I can still do this.

Three years ago I ended my blog when it looked like after a very hard year of marriage to Mr. K  I was back on top of the world. All was well. I had weathered another storm and had come out better for it, or so I thought. It is not that I no longer had anything left to write about, I had plenty, but I had kids who were not too sure about me writing about our lives and what we as a family had been going through. And so I got quiet.

And right when I thought my world had settled down it got totally flipped upside down. Months after my last post my marriage imploded and I made the decision to end my marriage. Not wanting to wreck our oldest daughter’s senior year of high school we agreed to fake it for the next school year. And we did for months. He slept on the floor with the dog and two cats and outside of our bedroom our life looked like it always had.

Six months later my health took a downward spiral. I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery and got a staph infection and then five weeks later after being misdiagnosed for 11 days I was admitted into the hospital with spinal meningitis. Nothing like coming close to meeting Jesus to send set your life on a completely different path.

And I decided to give Mr. K another chance.

And we moved to another house.

And I have a kid in college, two teenage sons who are both dating, and two pre-teen daughters. There may also be more than a few animals.

And I have some lasting effects from having had spinal meningitis, which make life frustrating and also humbling.

I’m still opinionated and passionate and wordy which is why I decided to start blogging again. If you stick around I will make you laugh, cry, scream, and probably piss you off.

Thanks for taking the time to read my words.

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