The Beauty of the Storm

All eyes are on Hurricane Irma at the moment and while I have been preparing for a potential landfall I can’t help but notice how perfect of a storm it is. Now the largest and highest rated winds recorded Irma is also beautiful. Powerful. Destructive. The eye of the storm is a cyclone of perfection. And I admit I admire it.

There is beauty in the storm. Both literally and metaphorically.

I am fascinated by nature and her power. I am in awe of the devastation she can cause and how we have no control over it.

It is what it is. No control. It is happening. We cannot stop it even with all our scientific advancements.

Nature wins. She doesn’t care about social class, race, or how much money you have. In her eyes all are equal.

There is no respect for Mother Nature until she is shaking the earth under your feet or barreling towards your house with 175mph winds. We throw litter on the ground and pollute our air and water. We deny our imprint on the planet and scoff at climate change. We believe we have the final say over the forests, the water masses, and all the wildlife but the truth is we do not.

Mother Nature will win. She will either spank us into submission or snuff out our lives or that of future generations. We have taken advantage of all she has had to offer with no thanks or appreciate because money and power is more important. We have taken advantage. We moved forward without considering the long term ramifications. Just because we could doesn’t mean we should.

How many earth quakes and hurricanes and wild fires will it take to humble you?

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