I miss blogging.

I don’t mean the writing, though I do miss that. I miss what it used to be. There are only a few blocks that I read or check regularly these days and they are all about politics or religion and politics.

I miss the story telling. I miss the reality and the good writing but mostly I miss getting to know people I have never met and following their stories. Right now I watch three vloggers that feel “real” in telling their stories. There is no advertisements. I don’t feel like I am being sold on something. It’s just them sharing their lives.

I miss seeing people being creative. I miss the shitty photos. The not worrying about being politically correct. The sincerity about a product.

When I do read a blog it is more like a one hit kind of deal. I go to read one post, one recipe, and one how to. I don’t know who the author is or even care anymore. I looked at a Blogging conference the other day and hardly recognized anyone.

What happen to the online diarist? Did they all just vanish back to handwritten journal writing? Sell out perhaps? Become bored?

I know it is hard to write these days online and be real. Just words pouring into a vast sea of millions of others who do not care, who are no longer invested but just looking for the newest thing. To have dialogue and comment and connect seems to have left.

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