The Road Ahead

This week started out poorly. A three day flare of pain that was hard to get on top of. My head felt as if it would explode. It didn’t help that when I called my neurologist and spoke to his nurse that she treated me like I was being a drama queen.

I’m sick of being placated. I’m sick of being told that this growing mass in my head is asymptomatic.

My legs sometimes buckle when I stand. One leg is consistently going numb. And this morning I woke up with vertigo and blurry vision.

I guess this is all imagined.

So I sent an email to Dr. Dong Kim in Houston for my third opinion. I can’t go on living like this. Wondering when I will wake up blind or unable to stand, getting lost in familiar places, and being in excruciating pain.

Hopefully I will hear back from his clinic soon and get an appointment soon.

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