Alabama’s White Woman Politics

Gawddammitt – what in the hell is wrong with nearly 70% of Alabama’s white women? This is the second election in a little over a year and both times you chose to vote for a man that is not only bad for the country but is a complete departure from common decency. Y’all do remember what that is? Right?


This is not a Harlequin Romance novel. Choosing the wealthy oppressor will not give you a fairy tale ending. There is no hero in these old men who seek power rather than service.

Donald Trump and Roy Moore are cut from the same cloth. Both are liars. Both abuse scripture to appeal to the worst parts of our humanity and sadly Alabama White Woman you are falling for it.

I need to know how you can dismiss the women who have stories of sexual harassment and assault against these two men. Before you tell me they were paid by leftist and George Soros I would like you answer for me what you feel these women’s motivation was. Both men admit to leering, wanting to date or dated underage girls, and one bragged about actually forcing himself on women. It’s like you weren’t even listening or do you just not care.

I guess Alabama White Woman I wonder what you think men like Donald Trump or Roy Moore can do for you. You. As in individual.

I’m guessing there are a lot of daddy issues involved being that the majority of you came from broken homes because we live in a state with a high divorce rate and high incidence of unplanned pregnancies among teens. Maybe you are yearning for a pappy with power, money, or both but the truth of the matter both these men have been terrible fathers. Between the divorces, affairs, and inappropriate relationships with minors I’m wondering how you believe these two men will improve marriage and families in our state.

Because in Alabama it’s not gay marriage we should be concerned about destroying the family. Most of Alabama can’t get marriage between a man and a woman straight. Well, not unless you believe third time is a charm. Most children in our state are living in poverty. Our education system is failing and bankrupt. So how will these two men change this in our state for the better? What policies will they actually submit that will bring about economic growth, Family security, while giving our children a quality education?

While I wait…

You do realize these men sent their children to private schools forgoing and being out of touch with public education. You do realize that they seek to privatize education which means corporations will be making decisions on what we teach our children to make them good workers. You do realize these men are against programs that will strengthen our communities and provide better health care for our children that has one of the highest maternal and neonatal death rates in the country.

But I digress.


And Alabama White Woman why in the hell do you think these men are ProLife? Because they say so? I mean why do you take them at their word? Is it because they said they are Christian or is it based on actual policy changes they have made and living by example.

Last I checked neither Roy Moore or Donald Trump have fostered or adopted children. In fact I feel pretty confident that Roy Moore can’t even pass a DHR home study in Alabama. I’m also wondering how many of you would leave your daughters alone with either of these two men. Again, I digress.

The truth is neither of these men are pro-life but in a political arena. Neither have the power or the ability to overturn the Supreme Court on abortion.

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