The Price of Lifetime Limits On Medicaid

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By putting lifetime limits on Medicaid our country would be hurting the most vulnerable. I want to explain this to the pro life conservative that would like to end abortion for fetal deformities and genetic defects. I want to explain this to all of you who share pictures and videos of children with disabilities that get your thoughts and prayers. This will hurt parents with premature infants with lifelong disabilities, people who have sustained life long injuries that do not qualify for Medicare, and those with other disabilities that will Be life long and debilitating.

For years now the GOP touted that “Obama Care” would have death panels. THIS kind of legislation will be a death sentence to hundreds and thousands of people. Instead of instant death in concentration camps and gas chambers in World War 2 Germany under Hitler for the disabled it will be slow, agonizing death filled with pain and suffering, draining families and community resources to continue caring for these people. Families will be forced to make hard and agonizing decisions. Euthanasia will become prevalent, either through consent or mercy.

Ask yourself is THIS the America you want? Is this the “self reliance” and taking of personal responsibility you are looking for?

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