2019 Goals

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I could list many good excuses for not writing, for ignoring this little space but I won’t. Instead let me start off the year with not a list of resolutions, but goals.

  1. Restored health. This by far is my biggest goal. It has nothing to do with weight loss or looking younger but about moving more, feeling better, and being able to live in less pain. Not only will I still be recovering from brain surgery but from all the medicines that were poured into my body in 2018. Exercise and movement is important because for the last few years I had no energy or was completely unable. Now I do. I am sure I will be doing some pseudo science bullshit that people will joke about but frankly I don’t care, because what has been offered to me medically in way of helping my health will either deteriorate it worse or cause me additional problems.
  2. I’m finally going to get that tattoo. Now that I am out of the woods from infections it is time.
  3. Purple hair don’t care. I am not sure if I will get a mix of shades or do it all one color but these locks are going purple and there is no time like the present since I am growing it out from having had it shaved.
  4. Write more. Now that my brains are working again and I can string my thoughts together without it taking long periods of time to get them typed out I plan to be clicking away on the keyboard – here, there, and at The Sisters’ Hood.
  5. Hike. This may be something that fits with #1 but really its not. I want to get out into the woods more with friends, Mr. K, and also with the kids. It has been awhile since I spent quality time in the woods and I need the connection.
  6. Kayak. I have not kayaked in over 15m. Having a brain tumor tend to limits you and this one of the limitations that was imposed on me. I miss being on the water. I miss being on the Delta. Mr. K has already cleaned the kayaks up and I have set aside the gear to go so now we wait for a good weather day.
  7. Gardening. The last few years I have been making attempts at gardening and have only been successful with sweet potatoes and eggplants. I would like to have a flourishing herb garden and other vegetables.
  8. Family vacation. It has been a few years since we have taken a family vacation. My kids deserve one as they have not had one the last four years. This year we will probably do something that doesn’t involve roller coaster because I need this hole in my head to heal.

Essentially this year is about reclaiming my life. A life I had to put on hold.

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