Monday Musings

Everyday in American politics is a shit show.

I was watching Trump during a press conference Friday in the Rose Garden and I imagined some of our former great leaders who have stood there and spoke to the American people with intelligence and I imagine they are sitting somewhere on the other side horrified.

But we, the people, created this. We did this by design by having career politicians, allowing corporations to have rights like people, having no term limits and high salaries on our representation, and letting lobbyist become the ultimate puppet masters in government affairs. America sold out. Became greedy. Members elected to our government care more about money than its people and I am not so sure it hasn’t always been that way to some extent.

I am embarrassed that I once ever subscribed to the beliefs of the Republican party. That I once went to Young Republican meetings and believed that the GOP was the more moral and ethical of the two parties. I was young and foolish and quickly came to realize that the GOP was about white men and their egos than about equality and justice for all. The GOP sold itself on being the moral majority, the more godly, and the fiscally responsible and now, now I am not sure what it stands for. Right now it looks like the inside of a truck stop bathroom with overflowing toilets full of shit and piss, and used condoms tossed on the floor.

This shutdown will hurt our country and largely the working class and poor. The fact that Trump says that people will be able to manage without paychecks goes to show how out of touch he is with regular people who work for a living and have fixed incomes. There is no daddy with a trust fund to bail these people out.

And the Christian Right keeps holding on tighter and tighter. It is like they have ditched their Bibles and the message of Jesus. I am sickened by the number of pastors who believe Trump is somehow going to turn this country into a theocracy and how they all seem so blinded. They really believe he is ushering in the second coming of Jesus.

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