Abandoning Jesus

I no longer can be tolerant. I can no longer excuse blatant hate and hypocrisy.

I am done.

The truth is, much of Christianity has abandoned Jesus. They are so far removed from the message of Jesus Christ and so set in their politics and social beliefs they have no heart for grace.

Right now the “church” and I don’t want to even call it that, has forgotten who the Jesus at the well was. They have departed from the man who fed thousands from a few loaves of bread and fish. They have forgotten the Jesus who wandered the dessert and washed Mary’s feet.

Conservative Christians have abandoned Jesus for their politics. Their political beliefs are a departure from the very teachings of Jesus Christ and they have distorted not only who Jesus was historically but also spiritually.

Relationships over rules.

Did not Jesus come to fulfill the law or lest you forget?

Jesus was about the whole. Jesus was not about segregation but about community. Jesus was not a nationalist – He was a globalist. Jesus was a wanderer, He was homeless, a person of color, an immigrant, and he did not put conditions on His love, acceptance or help.

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