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On Homeschooling: You Are Not A Prisoner of the World

Dear Homeschool Mom, Slow Down. Don’t be in such a hurry. Repeat after me “They are only little once”. And this is so true. Our children will soon be out on their own and it will seem like they were … Continue reading

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Inexperienced Mothers Shut Your Wine Hole

Ten or fifteen years ago I would read just the title of this post and get pissed and offended. Now I am “that” woman. I am the mother in her 40s with over 20 years of parenting experience and five … Continue reading

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Pussy Makes The World Go Around

Yesterday the #GOP sat with Donald Trump to discuss healthcare. One of the main things they discussed was Women’s healthcare issues. Not ONE woman was there. All men. All wealthy men. These men did not feel mammograms should be covered … Continue reading

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